The Studio

I really enjoy seeing fellow artists studios, they are sacred spaces where the profound dwells and creativity never rests. So naturally I was excited to see Galina’s studio space and thought I’d show ours.(Not sure how to do links on the mobile, which I’m using.)

I share my studio with my partner, its a very messy, but serious space. It’s the most warded room in my entire ‘household’* this is to ensure that the space remains disconnected from other areas, to be free of distraction and keep unproductive spirits at bay. It’s home to my Hephaestus shrine and several gorgons (not seen in the photos).

Wayne’s side is on the left overwatched by the “Epiphany of Phanes” painting. You can see some of his oils along the wall. Including commissions from Galina! img_20170109_145851

Also, when these pictures were taken I was preparing a canvas for Galina’s husband. (Circles!)

My side is on the right, the “Funeral of Medusa” watches over me. I rarely use the table and prefer to draw on the ground… I’m used to it. The rolls floating about on the ground are artwork I need to roll up for work tomorrow.

Also between waiting for paint to dry I was getting ready to pack Galina’s commissions for postage to the US. Always a sad event for me as I become very attached to the paintings.


So that’s a glimpse in my ever changing art studio. It’d be awesome to see other artists studios!

*Wayne and I don’t live in a household, believe it or not, it was once a bank and then a lawyers office and before we moved in it was a music studio (Hermes much?). Although it is where we live its foremost purpose is an art space so we have never aimed to make it ‘homely’.