The Shiva Street Art Project

September 2017 I experienced a rather intense dream of me drawing a massive picture of Lord Shiva on the street. The dream was extensively detailed, for a dream, of what the image should look like, how it should be presented and what aspects I should focus upon.

Four months later I finally have resources to begin this project.

I’m not exactly sure why Shiva has instructed me to do this picture, but I have a very strong feeling it has to do with purification and elevation of myself and the street. A major focus is his poisoned neck (Shiva known as Neelakantha). This suspicion is related to my mental health, which has been out of control for the last year, triggered by The Bourke Street Mall attack on the 20th of January 2017, this event resulted in the murder of people where I work, people died on the same pavement I draw upon. Naturally this intensified my depression and anxiety.
By sheer coincidence, as in I had not planned it and noticed it later, my first day working on The Shiva Street Art Project on the street begun on the 20th of January this year…

Whatever the case, I’ve finally started the project, one I predict will take me a few months to complete.

As per instructions given, I must create a permanent boarder around the whole canvas in red and yellow, with some kind of pronouncement in Devanagari. I’m just calling my source divine inspiration, as I don’t presume, but I am informed that technically this *is* the icon, ie., it is technically finished as Om Namah Shivaya is all that is needed…

So here you can my canvas with the boarder and ॐ नमः शिवाय (Om Namah Shivaya) written at the base in a stylized Lingam. The canvas has been tinted blue with ultramarine blue pure pigment. The canvas size is 230×166 cm (roughly 7.5×5.5 feet).

As for the depiction of Shiva, I am using a pastiche of Hindu iconography. For the main body I have chosen a famous statue from Rishikesh, India. This statue is representative of his ascetic aspects. I’ve been instructed that he must not be totally blue, however his neck *must* be blue with green aspects. Eyes closed, bare chested, two-armed, meditative, sitting on the tiger skin. The cobra must have its head up with hood flared. Ganga is not personified in his hair, but is spouting out of the topknot onto a Lingam on the right, the Trident (Trishula) and drum on the left, with the pot (Kamandalu) at the base. The background is mountainous with the Kailash peak somewhere.

This is my second day progress, I still need to refine his face, but I’m so far happy with the progress.


Day 4 Progress:

These are my references:



So far the most challenging thing is learning more in-depth about Shiva, he is god I’ve known about for a very long time, but never had contact with – until now. I’m also put extra precautions about taboos and conscious about my feet, as I am doing this as a devotional street art project I lay down a protective mat to keep the icon directly off the pavement and I do not walk on or touch the canvas with my feet.

In terms of art, it has been challenging working out his flesh tones. I want him to be ashen, but not completely grey or devoid of colour, nor do I want him to be completely blue. I’m working off a black and white photo so I’m making this up on the spot… I have to be imaginative… I think I’m getting the colour I want though.

When finished, I am willing to donate the icon to a local Hindu temple, if they will accept him.

I hope to keep this blog posted as more progress continues!

Om Namah Shivaya!


Monthly Shout out to Patreon sponsors and work updates

The title pretty much says it all! Thank you to my sponsors!!! Donations are my main means of income with most of our earning going straight back into making art. Here are some updates of street art and private work.
If you’d like to become a sponsor here is my Patreon.

Street Art Update

I wish to give my thanks to my Patreon sponsors, the donations I’ve been receiving has been really helpful lately. As a gift to my readers and admirers here is some updated photos of our work.

We’re making these pictures really fast and gathering a collection, if anyone is interested in buying feel free to email me for info.

“The Beloved”

At the beginning of the year I started a large reproduction of Dante Gabriel Rossetti’s “The Beloved”, also known as The Bride. It has taken me roughly two months to complete at a size of 1.5 by 1.8 metres, on canvas in pastel.

I’m a fan of Rossetti and intend to do a series of his works over the next year or so. (Already started a new one!)

I technically finished my version earlier this week, but will need to make some corrections and repairs in the studio, especially if sold – yes, this work is for sale – email me if interested: markos.gage “@”

The Beloved is a fascinating painting as it is very odd in terms of composition, style and colour. Rossetti’s work is usually very strange and unique, but with obvious influences from European masters, in this painting there international uses of clothing and jewellery including the green Japanese silk dress of the bride and Peruvian jewels.

Being one of the founders of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood Rossetti sought to change the Victorian standards of art and challenged the artistic establishment in Britain with his pieces.

The Beloved is in part inspired by The Song of Solomon, (one of the most beautiful and erotic pieces in the Bible), on the frame of the original painting are two passages from the song:

My beloved is mine and I am his (2:16)


Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth: for thy love is better than wine (1:2)

Therefore this scene captures the bride revealing herself to the groom (the viewer).

I’m happy with my rendering of it, especially considering I was sick for a majority of drawing it, but there are a few things I wish to fix. Foremost is the left eye of the bride – it needs to be reshaped and adjusted. The African flower boy’s face needs some shaping and his hands corrected. Also some basic repairs from the damage caused by the elements.

Below are some selected progress pictures. (Also to prove to my hecklers that *NO* I don’t buy my paintings from overseas and “pretend” to draw them.)


It’s been a little quiet here, this is mostly because I’m in the peak of our busiest time of the year and/or that my computer is being used for work. So I’ve been doing more drawing than writing, as seen below.

These are reproduction studies and are for sale cheap. If interested send me an email at:


[WIP] “Bust of a Satyr” by Jacob Jordaens Media: Charcoal and Pastel on treated canvas. When finished Price: $200AUD


Detail of: “A Vision of Fiammetta” by Rossetti Media: Charcoal and Pastel on treated canvas. Size: 40x45cm Price: $200AUD


Detail of Caravaggio’s “Boy Bitten by a Lizard” Media: Charcoal and Pastel on treated canvas. Size: 40x50cm Price: $200AUD

More to come!

Through the Grapevine


So… I did an idiotic thing and looked up my name on Google. Seeing what people are saying about me. Luckily nothing too abhorrent that I can see. I noticed one person calling into question my initiation status apparently, “claims to be initiate into an ancient Sicilian cult”.

I have never claimed anything of the sort.

Actually if one has that amazing and commendable ability to not be lazy and read my writing, including those from my previous blog, my initiation claims are definitely *not* derived from Italy or any lineage or fraternity. What I claim are newly ‘invented’ traditions passed on from spiritual experience.

And  know you what? I don’t care if you want to dismiss my ‘claims’. I underwent an intense experience last year that went over three months. This experience was made whole with physical private ritual, physical ordeal and confirmed by myself, people I know and outsiders who had NO knowledge of what I was going through.  (In fact one guy totally freaked out when he saw me…) This was an intensive period of divination and ritual.

Anyway, this gives me rights to claim an initiate in some sort of Dionysian mystery (I categorise it a the Dionysian Artist, hence the name!) If you don’t want to believe that… fine. I’m not forcing anything on anyone here unless someone wants physical mentorship into *my own* mystery tradition.

I doubt there will be any takers in soon as I believe the Mysteries must be a physical experience and I’m aware of exactly three Dionysians in my entire country and none to my knowledge are interested in what I have to offer.

So for the sake of ease here is summery of facts:
– I don’t claim to be initiate into an ancient lineage.
– I am indeed closely associated with The Starry Bull tradition. Right now, I am NOT initiated into that tradition.
– The Dionysian Artists mystery tradition is based upon the Guild of the Artists of Dionysos, found in ancient Greek history. However I am not seeking to entirely replicate this guild. (Although I wish I could.) Instead the idea is create a mystery tradition revolving around art, embracing all forms of art from performance, music, visual, writing etc. And also being inclusive of the differing views of what constitutes art in modern theory. The idea is encouraging members to create or admire art to bring them to states of ecstasy which invokes initiatory experiences. This is all a work in progress.