To be Eaten

February 15, 1779: Captain James Cook, the supposed discover of Australia and national icon, had his skull caved in by Hawaiian chieftains that determined that he was not a Messiah, but an interloper and threat to their nations.
His body was ceremoniously chopped up, with his flesh boiled and burned and his bones ground…
Those that follow the Dionysian Artist know that they are religiously apolitical. Though there is a clause in this tenant of theocratic based philosophy, if the sovereignty of the Dionysian Artist is threatened by an outside authority figure they have the right, as their own sovereign, to fight back; preferably in a true Dionysian fashion of killing, roasting and eating the threat.
When the right-wing Pentecostal, Scott Morrison came into power I thought it to be another one of those useless Prime Minsters that have been parading in government for over the last ten years of Australian history…thus unworthy of commentary or attention.
However this little man, who proposes that he is a Messiah, has erred the Dionysian Artist and now poses as a threat to it’s sovereignty.
The first crime was merging the arts portfolio with rail and communication, effectively cutting funding to ALL Australian arts programs and grants.
The second, is being totally unempathetic to one of the worst disasters that has face the land and world. Catastrophic fires that besiege the most populous cities of its nation. All brought by an suspect climate change unusually strange drought…for a perpetually drought stricken land. Meanwhile the PM promotes coal and nuclear power…in the sunniest continent on our beloved Ge – that is relatively free of nuclear pollution and waste.
The third, is going on holiday in Hawaii while ignoring the nation he is representative of is burning, covered in smoke unseen in Australian white history. (I’m enjoying my puns here).
An act I liken to the Roman Emperor Nero as he watched Rome burn, playing with his fiddle.
Others can list further crimes, but these suffice for the Dionysian Artist to call upon tearing apart and cannibalism, religiously known as Sparagmos and Omophagia.
If this man wants to impose his destructive beliefs on the Dionysian Artist, the Artist will counter those beliefs with its own. All protected by the drafted Anti-discrimination religious bill he is going to propose.
So with all points taken into consideration:
Let this man be torn apart, his meat be smoked by the flames that burn the country, his loins boiled, his bones ground and disposed of in the ashen soil of the land. Let’s make democratic sausages out of those nice fat cheeks while we embrace the apocalypse that he promotes.
Let’s eat the PM.
(Post script: as I laughed so hard after finding this out, Morrison’s official facebook page is @ScottMorrison4Cook , it’s like he’s asking to be eaten!)