In honour of my partners birthday on the 11/11 I thought I’d do a quick tribute.

Wayne is the funnest bastard I know, he is also magical and powerful. This year marks 13 years of fun, laughter, love, anger, tears, blood and adventures. Without him I would not be here today.

So fun facts:

Wayne was born on the 11/11/83 (8+3=11), at 11:11AM.

Part Australian Scotts/Irish and part Nauruan and spent time as a child on the isolated island republic. His Nauruan family are of the chief of chief family caste with his distant cousin being a previous president and his grandmother owning portion of the sole airport strip in the nation.

Everyone who has ever met Wayne says he is funny and scary… which is true… he’s been described as a hippopotamus, fun and playful at a distance, but up close he’ll eat you.

So happy birthday to my beloved!




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