Through the Grapevine


So… I did an idiotic thing and looked up my name on Google. Seeing what people are saying about me. Luckily nothing too abhorrent that I can see. I noticed one person calling into question my initiation status apparently, “claims to be initiate into an ancient Sicilian cult”.

I have never claimed anything of the sort.

Actually if one has that amazing and commendable ability to not be lazy and read my writing, including those from my previous blog, my initiation claims are definitely *not* derived from Italy or any lineage or fraternity. What I claim are newly ‘invented’ traditions passed on from spiritual experience.

And  know you what? I don’t care if you want to dismiss my ‘claims’. I underwent an intense experience last year that went over three months. This experience was made whole with physical private ritual, physical ordeal and confirmed by myself, people I know and outsiders who had NO knowledge of what I was going through.  (In fact one guy totally freaked out when he saw me…) This was an intensive period of divination and ritual.

Anyway, this gives me rights to claim an initiate in some sort of Dionysian mystery (I categorise it a the Dionysian Artist, hence the name!) If you don’t want to believe that… fine. I’m not forcing anything on anyone here unless someone wants physical mentorship into *my own* mystery tradition.

I doubt there will be any takers in soon as I believe the Mysteries must be a physical experience and I’m aware of exactly three Dionysians in my entire country and none to my knowledge are interested in what I have to offer.

So for the sake of ease here is summery of facts:
– I don’t claim to be initiate into an ancient lineage.
– I am indeed closely associated with The Starry Bull tradition. Right now, I am NOT initiated into that tradition.
– The Dionysian Artists mystery tradition is based upon the Guild of the Artists of Dionysos, found in ancient Greek history. However I am not seeking to entirely replicate this guild. (Although I wish I could.) Instead the idea is create a mystery tradition revolving around art, embracing all forms of art from performance, music, visual, writing etc. And also being inclusive of the differing views of what constitutes art in modern theory. The idea is encouraging members to create or admire art to bring them to states of ecstasy which invokes initiatory experiences. This is all a work in progress.


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