The Irony of a Dionysian “Fascist”

If you are a reader of Sannion’s blog you may have noticed a theme that has been continuing for a while related to Heathens United Against Racism director Ryan Smith and his targeting of Sannion’s wife Galina for her ‘controversial’ commentary and opinion on the AFA.

I’ve read through most the commentary and find it mildly entertaining, but otherwise completely useless in terms of progressing in art, education and devotion. However Sannion’s previous post, We are pariahs. is really beautiful and truthful. I’m a proud member of The Bacchic Underground and it has become an awesome secluded area of the internet where I can talk to fellow polytheists and Dionysians.  It really is a place where you shrug off the self-generated ‘controversies’ of the pagan community and engage with people.

Sometimes it’s silly, sometimes it is damn serious, but it is always respectful. This balance is something I have not seen anywhere else online. Ever.

The reason for this is that Dionysians are accommodating, they should ideally be hosts at all times. This is very important aspect of our religious structure and a key to know Dionysos himself. The Dionysian cults of ancient times were very popular because they were accommodating to everyone. They embraced women, slaves, elderly, races, children, physical ill, mentally ill etc. – there is no minority or majority which would be denied by the cults. And yes, they have been historically targeted, tortured, abused and executed because of this, (well before Christianity I might add!)

We *are* pariahs. We are the outcasts, the rejects. We are Dionysians.


3 thoughts on “The Irony of a Dionysian “Fascist”

  1. It is absurd, but I’m uniquely positioned to stand up to them. They can’t threaten my income, doxx me, tarnish my reputation, go after family members, or any of the other nasty tricks they employ to silence opposition because I don’t have any of those things to lose. As long as the target is on my back, it’s not on others, and I’m fine with that.

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