Only Your Donations keep this Art Alive

Do you have any idea how long it took me to come up with that?

Source Wayne (foreground) and me,

Over two years!

I claim the coinage of the phrase“Only Your Donations keep this Art Alive” Yep, it was me. It has become a modern slogan used by many other buskers and street artists, akin to “All my own Work” (a traditional slogan from the 1800’s). It is not unusual to see ‘only your donations’ or some variant on the streets, it’s even been used in other languages!

Variant in French by my dear friend, Francois Pelletier.

I don’t get annoyed at people using a variant, but it does shit me if folk copy it in the exact same format, text, lettering and even height of lettering!!! (I’m a trained graphic designer, for fucks sake, I *know* when you are copying me.)

Otherwise, go nuts. 😀

What I love about this phrase and why I religiously repeat it over and over again is because it is truth. Only your donations keep this art alive is a literal truth. I’m not fucking bullshitting, I’m not pulling this out of my arse. The art presented to you would not exist without your support. You are enabling art to be freely giving. You are as vital and important as the artist.
To which I can only bow. It’s your power that make me who I am and I am eternally grateful.

Donatings can be sent via paypal:


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