Dionysos Rip, Rippy, Rip-Rip


This is one of my all-time favourite depictions of Dionysos I’ve been meaning to do a tracing of it for ages. My source file was… less than ideal and I had to make up a lot. He came out a bit sadder than the original and there are some problems I just noticed. I’ll continue refining him more, but if you like the tracing feel free to download and print for personal use only. If you share it online please give credits and link backs.

Meanwhile while I was working on the tracing Dver called out the appropriation of Dionysian terms and poor “scholarship” of mystery religions and supposed ‘drugs’ used during rituals… I really wish folk would put ergot consumption to the test when they make these idiotic claims.

Anyway, the following comments from a certain someone are funny (on facebook Rhyd went on with: “I -may- be done with American Fundamentalist Polytheism”*, haha), which in turn provoked comments from Sannion to keep the fun and games going.

Oh, and unless my memory is off, I believe Dver has the same image of Dionysos as a tat? Circles.

Another than that I’m going back to work. Have fun!

*dude if you are reading this and want me to stop ‘stalking’ your facebook profile, maybe stop posting everything public?


7 thoughts on “Dionysos Rip, Rippy, Rip-Rip

      1. Also I don’t stalk his facebook, just when he says silly things I check his profile as he often continues with more snide remarks that don’t make it to his original comments, he usually sets it as public so even people who are not following or friends can read. Again this is the case.


  1. Why yes, I DO have that as a tattoo! Thank you for doing the line drawing, I’m going to keep a copy of that for my own use.

    “on facebook Rhyd went on with: “I -may- be done with American Fundamentalist Polytheism”*, haha”

    It is laughably ridiculous for him to act like I’m being a fundamentalist here simply by insisting that Dionysos is more than a party god, that being a Dionysian is more than just drinking and dancing. Apparently now having any standards whatsoever or thinking the gods actually need to be involved for it to be worship is being a fundamentalist. No, that’s just polytheism – you don’t want to have to directly involve gods, go be a generic neo-pagan, or just dispense with the religion altogether and concentrate on politics. I wish he really was done with polytheism as a whole.

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