I worship a fascist

The fallout of the God’s and Radicals New Right post continues. Here is Rhyd’s rebuttal of critics.
Below is a comment I left explaining my apoliticism. I have discussed this subject many times on this blog and my old one. I thought some people might be interested in it.

I worship and venerate a fascist. You heard me!!! Pentheus is part of a group of heroes I worship. He is a known fascist who defied a god and was punished for it. Now, many people – including Galina at one point – have and do get upset when I mention my Pentheus veneration. But that is because they are looking at The Bacchae from just one side. Of all the family members punished in The Bacchae, Pentheus is the favourite of Dionysos, Dionysos initiates him into his cult, albeit forcefully and in the most horrible way possible. Pentheus experiences the hardship and trials of Dionysos and therefore becomes ‘aware’. After his death Pentheus is of the Blessed Dead. This is evident in pottery painting.

Unfortunately the image has pixelated the text on the pot, but if memory serves Pentheus is on the far top right. (I may be wrong). This pot illustrates Dionysos in Hades, with Dionysian dead around having a party.

Now, I venerate a known fascist, does that make me one? No because he loses all those concepts upon death. There is a lot to learn from the ancients, which can be applicable to this discussion. Pentheus put politics before the gods and what happened?

I’m critical of putting politics before the gods because of two things, politics is Bios. It is fluxes and changes, comes and goes in waves. Whereas the gods, even after 2000 years of politics attempting to destroy them, have survived – this is Zoe.

My apolitical practice does not just come from this. I am spiritually and physically part of a guild of Dionysian Artists, people who were historically granted liberality to fulfil their devotional duties without bounds, because even the most fascist warlords of ancient Greece respected the gods over their human boarders of land, their human laws upon man and their human ideologies / politics.

The Dionysian Artists had to be apolitical, they performed for democracies they performed for tyrants and warlords.  They did it because it was their devotional duty, even if they did disagree with those they performed for.


3 thoughts on “I worship a fascist

  1. The problem with Rhyd is that they are a fascist as well. He imposes his type of Leftist fascism by implying falsely that those who are apolitical have fascist tendencies (read authoritarianism, knowing without a doubt that people are a certain ideology without knowing that person) and also by blanketing basically all of paganism outside the bounds of Leftism under fascism. Last time I checked, the Gods have rarely, if ever, stated that they are political at all. I think they have better things to do than worry about man-made concepts.


    1. “The problem with Rhyd is that they are a fascist as well. “
      I’ve said that to him too.
      I don’t like presuming what the gods think or how they feel towards human things like politics. I may be possible that are gods interested in these things, which is what Rhyd and his friends claim. But this is where things get muddled up and through politics people walk a real tight rope when they include religion.


      1. Agreed. People can only assume they know what the Gods think about when it comes to human politics, but I think more concerns than what humans are doing on Earth. If indeed life exists elsewhere in the Universe and the Muliverse, we’re not the only ones asking Them questions. Me thinks that they do care, but not to the point of, “Hey, what are those hairless apes up to now? Have the Democrats/Labour…etc won an election?”

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