Xenia extends outside of the Household

The sign in background tells it all.

My definition of Xenia:
1. An act of basic respect to strangers, a welcoming, freely giving what one can, ie., hospitality.

2. A guest respecting the hosts restrictions, accepting their gifts, thereby not asking too much of the host, ie., offering basic respect to the host.

Xenia is a major precept of my beliefs and practice. It is very important to me to welcome strangers into my household. As a Dionysian, I believe one of my many roles is playing host. It is a divine duty and one I maintain. Including housing homeless and friends alike under my own roof.

Something that is often not followed is the second definition above, guest respecting host. This has been a constant source of frustration for me. I don’t ask much of my guests, but when I request they leave, they should leave.

My ideal of Xenia extends outside my household and onto the street when I’m doing public pavement art. I am there to bring art to the streets for free, my work is my own and nobody pays me. I am giving as much or more as a person who has decided to support my work through a donation. It’s a beautiful, mutual and symbiotic relationship, an act that can fall into the category of Xenia.

That said, there are certain members of the public which do not respect Xenia, instead the seek to destroy my work and what I stand for.

Now before I go on a tirade I want to say that I have deep respect for anyone who is devotional, likewise I appreciate all forms of religion. However, here is the BUT, but I will not stand for anyone seeking to insult, convert, destroy / damage my art, physically or verbally attack me or people around me because they believe my work to be satanic, pagan, demonic or any other reason. If I tell a person to leave because I feel they are doing this, they should leave. It’s a very basic respect I would offer to anyone. If I was being a moron and they requested I leave, in the name of Xenia I’d fucking leave.

This is what annoys me, what really shits me, is that these people think they have some fucking divine right to harass me. Not only are they working against the precepts of their *own* religion they are committing hubris according to their faith. Socially they are also breaking a number of fundamental rights granted to me and also breaking the law. The artwork I present on the street is worth a lot, equivalent of a small car, if I decided to walk on or smash a person’s car because I believe their car is against my religion I’d be arrested right? I don’t understand why these rules are not applicable to my artwork also.

Ranting aside, I only request one thing of my guests: when I tell them to leave they should leave or else I have every right to grab my spear and start making a human kebab.



4 thoughts on “Xenia extends outside of the Household

  1. Heh, human kebab. I agree though, I don’t really know if it’s any different here. I think because it’s a public space no one would challenge it cause if one has the right to make art in public then one also has the right to protest or whatever. However, harassment is harassment whether it’s done in public or not. Have you ever tried getting the authorities involved or are they not much help?

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    1. The police and council are useless. For six months last year I had one guy not just harass but physically assaulted me, spit on me, push me around. I called the police on him five times and each time they refused to arrest him. I had to take the matter to court to get a court order. Even still the judge did not want to grant it to me. It’s been a long frustrating and useless process.


  2. Wow…shit. Sorry to hear that. Do you suppose the root of the problem is a total lack of respect for art and artists or specifically you and art? I mean, either way it still sucks. I just find it confusing that no one wants to give a shit, you know?


    1. In the above case it’s a mixture of mental issues, wanting to dominate the street, greed and envy.

      In essence: they hate me because I do better than them and I attract more attention and community support.

      Separate is the street preachers, who have similar motivations. They attempt to ‘leech’ off me to get attention. When I don’t respond to their heckling they get more and more aggressive. Attempt to provoke me by insulting me or damaging my work. So when I rise up and tell them to fuck off, they say, “See! He is a sinner!”
      It’s all manipulative bullshit and I’m tired of it, all I ask is that they leave me alone to do my work but they keep pushing me for their own self righteous entertainment, hence the OP.

      If a person unrelated to the preachers or my serial harasser, comes by and talks about Christ I’m very receptive and respectful. However if they start making me uncomfortable or preaching to me to much I tell them to leave, if they don’t, I tell them to fuck off, if they don’t fuck off, I call the police,which are useless.
      I find the whole situation totally disrespectful and just fucking rude. I don’t know where these people get off doing this. I suppose they are so pathetic and uncreative they can only attempt to change the world by bringing it down.


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