To a Hero

A friend texted me yesterday (15 minutes after the announcement on facebook) that my favourite musical hero passed on. I was shocked, dismayed and in disbelief.

I’ve never cried over a singer before, actually I’m crying now as I write this.

I own nearly every one of his albums, even some rare stuff and I listen to his music every day.

I don’t really have a favourite song, but favourite albums, in order of release dates they are:

Hunky Dory

1971 - Hunky Dory - Front

Aladdin Sane

1973 - Aladdin Sane - Front 1

Diamond Dogs

1974 - Diamond Dogs - Front

Station to Station

1976 - Station To Station - Front



1977 - Heroes - Front


1977 - Low - Front

Let’s Dance

1983 - Let's Dance - Front


1995 - Outside - Front


2002 - Heathen - Front


2003 - Reality - Front




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