How Δ works

Finding time to work on my new blogging home has been difficult, but I’ve done some minor updates today.

First off, I want to explain the meaning and definitions for words used to categorise posts on this blog. Δ, Τέχνη, Λόγος, Λέξις you will notice are used in the tag line and the top menu. Some of these words may be difficult to understand, so allow me to explain my own definitions for the purpose of this blog.

Δ (Delta) is a symbol I identify with, to me it directly relates to my commitment to Dionysos. When used to categorise posts it is personal content. The symbol on the main menu links to my about. The category itself will relate to personal stuff or blog info updates.

Τέχνη (techne) literally means craft and art. Artistic content on this site will be shared under this category.

Λόγος (lógos) A very complex word, logos relates to many things from: holy words, philosophical / meaningful, religious discussion, in some cases: words of god, structures of the universe. (The word’s meaning is fascinating I’d recommend you look it up). My purpose for using this word is to categorise all content related to my religion and philosophy.

Λέξις (léxis) The usage of this word may be in incorrect context. It means: a manner or way of speaking, structure of language, grammar, casual talk. The definition for this blog is sharing, reporting or whinging about causal / mundane / extraneous things.

All of these categories may be inter-used depending on the content shared, hopefully this structure will allow readers to find whatever they are looking for.


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